Case Studies

The following case studies are real scenarios that occurred in high schools in the United States. Please note, all names have been changed and all identifiers have been removed to protect the victims. The purpose of these case studies is to provide real life examples of what sex trafficking recruitment and exploitation can look like in a school setting and how it can happen to high school students.

These case studies can be utilized in a training setting for fellow educators/administrators, to engage colleagues in discussion about the risk factors and warning signs that may have alerted an adult to the sex trafficking situation. It can also be used to discuss what the process/protocol would be, should a student at your school experience something similar. These case studies can also be utilized in the classroom to instruct students about how sex traffickers might approach someone their age, and to facilitate discussion about safety and what to do should they or a friend be involved in a similar situation. We encourage you to utilize these case studies as a training and education tool for students and educators, alike