The following is a brief sex trafficking 101 training that should be viewed by an educator/administrator who plans to utilize this material. It is imperative that all educators/administrators that will utilize this material have a clear understanding of the issue of sex trafficking before they begin teaching students about the issue. It is also important that a schoolwide standard plan is put in place in case students report possible incidents of trafficking after participating in the lessons or activities provided on this website. Please utilize this free web-based training module to train your staff on the issue of sex trafficking, and please encourage all educators/administrators in your school and school district to watch this training in its entirety.

The first portion of the web-based module is a sex trafficking 101 course, and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Following, there is a section specifically for school professionals that takes approximately 15 to complete. There are also several printed resources available throughout the module. Please print these resources and keep them on hand. One resource includes a place to write your school’s policy/protocol for who should be contacted should a student disclose a sex trafficking situation.